Expressive Therapies

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We changed our name! We’re now serving our community as Camber, previously known as KVC Hospitals. Click here to learn more about this exciting change.

At our inpatient mental health hospitals and residential treatment centers, we provide a variety of intensive clinical services to youth ages 6 to 18 struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, the impacts of trauma, or other mental health conditions. In addition to traditional individual, group and family therapy, we utilize innovative, expressive therapies like art, music, recreation, horticulture, equine, virtual reality and more.

It can be difficult for children and teens to open up and talk about their feelings and experiences. Incorporating expressive therapies into treatment plans gives youth a safe and creative platform to communicate their feelings and engage in therapy while feeling relaxed and regulated.

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Art Therapy

experiential learningUtilizing arts and crafts as a means for therapeutic expression allows youth to use their creativity to express their emotions and learn coping skills. Learn more about the benefits of art therapy with this watercolor video tutorial from one of our art therapists.


Dance Therapy

experiential learning

Youth receiving treatment discover their strengths through dance thanks to a partnership with the Kansas School of Classical Ballet and Netsmart. Dance therapy allows youth to use movement to boost self-esteem, self-awareness and express their feelings.


Educational Learning

experiential learning

Camber provides youth with a variety of engaging and educational experiences as a part of our innovative treatment process. Through field trips, guest speakers, special projects and activities, youth learn about life, potential careers and their local communities.


Equine-Assisted Therapy

experiential learningLearning how to care for and ride a horse teaches youth about mindfulness, communication and builds self-confidence. Equine-assisted therapy also encourages the development of leadership and emotion regulation skills.


Horticulture Therapy

experiential learning therapy

In our therapeutic gardens, youth receiving treatment prep, plant and care for a variety of fruits, flowers and vegetables while improving their self-esteem and self-worth. As they explore the wonders of nature, clients also gain a sense of accomplishment and responsibility and develop vital social skills that positively impact their overall wellbeing.

Music Therapy

experiential learning

We use music to encourage youth to express themselves, talk about difficult experiences and process their emotions. Guitars, pianos, maracas, and other musical instruments provide soothing sounds and beats that our music therapists use to help youth learn about their triggers and gain confidence. Learn more about how we use music therapy in this blog.

Recreation Therapy

experiential learning

Youth participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities that engage both their bodies and minds. While kids focus on moving their bodies, they also improve their problem-solving, emotion regulation, teamwork, and communication skills. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of yoga and recreation therapy.

Virtual Reality Therapy

experiential therapy

Virtual reality offers an innovative way for the youth we serve to talk about their experiences while practicing healthy coping skills. Whether walking through an African savanna, swimming with sea turtles, or creating an artistic masterpiece, virtual reality helps clients feel safe so they can express themselves. Read this blog to learn more about how we use virtual reality.