Courtney Keener, LSCSW

Courtney Keener

As the Associate Clinical Director at Camber Hays, Courtney Keener oversees a critical spectrum of services, guiding residential and acute therapists and case managers to deliver exemplary clinical services.

With over five years dedicated to supporting children and families navigating behavioral and mental health challenges, Courtney’s professional journey at Camber has been marked by significant development and diversification. Her career path started with an undergraduate practicum in adoptions at St. Francis Ministries in 2018, enriching her understanding of Kansas’s foster care system. Progressing through roles such as therapist intern, social service liaison, and acute and residential therapist, she has now ascended to the position of Associate Clinical Director. Courtney’s credentials are further bolstered by her LSCSW certification obtained in 2023, alongside her continuous pursuit of expertise in adoption competency. Courtney’s philosophy is deeply intertwined with Camber’s mission.

Her academic achievements include a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Fort Hays State University and a Master’s in Social Work from Kansas University, laying a solid foundation for her impactful career.

“Embarking on my Camber journey as an intern in 2018, I was captivated by the organization’s commitment to individual care and support. It’s a privilege to impact children’s lives positively daily, a testament to the nurturing environment Camber fosters for both its clients and staff. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our community’s wellbeing, furthering my development as a clinician and an individual dedicated to care and empathy.” – Courtney Keener