Erin Connelly Marceau, LSCSW

Erin Connelly Marceau, LSCSW, serves as Camber Children’s Mental Health Wichita’s Executive Director. She leads the multi-disciplinary team at this facility to ensure children and their families receive positive outcomes and compassionate care through enhanced collaboration, clinical practices, and operations. 

Erin brings more than ten years of experience working with children in the mental health field. Joining Camber when the Wichita hospital opened in 2019, Erin has also served as the Clinical Director and a Therapist, providing group, individual, and family therapy for the children receiving treatment. Prior to joining Camber, Erin helped develop a program providing children with mental health services while at school, including educating staff about mental health and how to respond to mental health crises.

Erin is a clinically licensed social worker and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Wichita State University.

“I have a passion for helping children get set up for a successful future. Acute hospitalization can be such a difficult time for kids and it’s so meaningful to be able to help the kids we serve see hope in their future and help them get on the right path.” – Erin Connelly Marceau