Cary Christie

Cary Christie is the Director of Nursing where he oversees nursing and program services for Camber Children’s Mental Health Kansas City. In this role, Cary will be responsible for driving excellence in quality of care through evidence-based practice and the building of strong care teams.

Cary brings more than 40 years of experience in healthcare services, more than 35 years of leadership and management experience, and more than 25 years in psychiatry and directorship. Prior to Camber Kansas City, Cary served as an EMT and a Mental Health Tech at the Menninger’s Foundation. He then performed Director of Nursing duties at Bethesda’s Faith Village and Nursing Management at Osawatomie State Hospital.

He later joined Providence Portland Medical Center (Oregon) to perform psychiatry management services. After eight years in Oregon, Cary returned to Kansas to perform adult acute care psychiatry leadership at Osawatomie State Hospital and geriatric acute care at Providence, St. John Hospital in Leavenworth, Kansas. During his career, he has delivered seven nursing deficiency-free surveys.

Cary earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Baker University School of Nursing at Stormont Vail MC in Topeka, Kansas. He also has a master’s degree in nursing administration from the University of Missouri Kansas City.

“I want to make a difference in the lives of people that are having difficulty in their emotional and social wellbeing. As I went through the experience of losing my father at a young age, I came to realize that there are gaps in our social and mental care of each other as a community and society. I decided to be part of trying to help others in their struggles to hopefully make the journey through life better for others.”Cary Christie