Phillip E. Caldwell Sr.

Phillip E. Caldwell Sr. is Associate Director of Programs for Camber Children’s Mental Health Kansas City. He has been with Camber and the larger KVC Health Systems family of nonprofits for 15 years and brings more than 25 years of experience working in conflict resolution and crisis management.

Prior to his current role with Camber, Phillip held roles as Associate Director of Program Services at KVC Niles, and Senior Milieu Manager, Hospital Supervisor, and Campus Supervisor at Camber and has been an integral part of the Crisis Management team since 2005.

Additional experience includes serving as Youth Program Director for the YMCA of Greater Kansas City Missouri where he was responsible for the computer lab and educational services and created a Neighborhood Youth Advisory Board for Eastern Wyandotte County and an At-Risk Youth Program. He was also a board member for five years and received the Youth Worker of the Year award in 2000.

“Although I have held many roles in my professional career, I truly know in my heart why I was placed with Camber and the larger KVC Health Systems family. It is to give to others what is needed to help them grow, develop, and be successful in whatever path they make take in life. I’m an advocate for positive change.” – Phillip Caldwell