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Camber Children's Mental Health

Singapore representative studies KVC’s approach

As other parts of the world look to understand better ways of serving children in need, KVC has hosted groups from Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development over the last several months.

Most recently, Ms. Ho Wei Tshen, Senior Psychologist and Assistant Manager for the Ministry, spent one month with KVC Hospitals staff learning how a trauma-informed system of care looks at children through a different lens.  Her time with KVC will be translated back into her work with youth and shared with government leaders as they look to enhance care.

In addition to Wei’s three weeks at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital, she also spent time at KVC Wheatland Hospital, toured KVC’s corporate headquarters and visited a local detention center. On Wei’s last day, she attended a seminar focused on the “Clinical Principles of Zero Suicide” presented by Dr. Bill Geis from the UMKC School of Medicine and hosted by Kansas Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative.