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Camber Children's Mental Health

KVC Wheatland Inspires Youth to Find Their Inner Superpowers

Each summer, the children and adolescents receiving treatment at KVC Hospitals’ psychiatric residential treatment programs (PRTFs) enjoy a break from classes like their peers. One way KVC makes the summer more fun is by having a special theme for the summer program. This year KVC Wheatland Hospital’s theme is a Superhero Summer! KVC Wheatland staff created the program to help the children and adolescents we serve learn about their individual superpowers. Each week they will learn about a new superhero and their superpowers.

super herosThe Superhero Summer theme will carry through to many of the activities that youth receiving treatment at KVC Wheatland Hospital participate in including:

  • Group Therapy – treatment to work through challenges and develop possible solutions
  • Art – projects that foster creative self-expression
  • Library Time – reading, learning and games
  • Emotion Regulation (ER) Drills – ways to focus, relax and cope during situations that might be upsetting
  • Anger Management Groups – ways to recognize when you are becoming angry and calm down in a positive way
  • Occupational Tours – visits to work sites for inspiration and learning
  • Nursing Groups – discussion of medical topics such as personal hygiene, sunscreen and medication
  • Life Skills Groups – learning skills for independent living such as financial management, establishing good credit, caring for a vehicle or doing laundry
  • Cooking Groups – learning to bake everything from cupcakes to lasagna
  • Goals Groups – discussion about each child’s short- and long-term goals, from what they want to accomplish that day to what they want to accomplish after completing treatment at KVC Wheatland Hospital

In addition to carrying the Superhero Summer theme throughout treatment activities, the children will enjoy a weekly movie night focused on that week’s superhero. Dream Theater in Russell, Kansas has generously contributed life-size superhero cut-outs which are used to decorate KVC Wheatland and inspire the children.

Together, our staff are working with children and youth to overcome major challenges by tapping into their unique unique “superpower” strengths!

If you know a child or teen struggling with mental or behavioral health challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or thoughts of suicide or other violence, please refer them to KVC Hospitals.