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KVC Hospitals Adds Dr. Anh Vinh as Director of Integrated Health Services

Dr. Anh Vinh has joined KVC Hospitals as Director of Integrated Health Services, a new position for the not-for-profit network of children’s psychiatric hospitals. Vinh, who was previously on faculty at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KU Med West), will focus on combining her primary health expertise as a family physician with KVC’s world-renowned behavioral and mental healthcare services.

Vinh is based at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital in Kansas City, Kan. which each year helps thousands of children and adolescents who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and feelings of violence.

In addition to serving youth receiving acute and residential psychiatric treatment, Vinh will collaborate on outpatient physical health services provided to children and families involved in the Kansas child welfare system through a different division of the organization. This will allow KVC to move beyond assessments and meaningfully address long-term health issues in individuals and communities. Vinh will also enhance KVC’s health and wellness programs to improve clinical outcomes for both clients and employees.

“With Dr. Vinh as part of the KVC team, we are better equipped to treat clients’ holistic needs which often range from physical to behavioral,” said Ryan Speier, President of KVC Hospitals. “From admission, to ongoing care, to discharge and community-based support, we offer patient-centered, outcomes-driven care and treatment. It makes for a very broad continuum of care which is unique and receiving national attention.”

As part of her role, Vinh will gather and disseminate information, both regionally and nationally, related to integrated healthcare and models of service provision; suggest clinical pathways to monitor health and wellness outcomes; provide guidance on the growth of technology platforms that prevent medical risks; and develop protocols influenced by evidence-based, best practice guidelines.

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About KVC Hospitals
KVC Hospitals is a nonprofit organization that each year serves thousands of children and adolescents who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and feelings of violence. The organization’s two children’s psychiatric hospitals in Kansas — KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital in Kansas City and KVC Wheatland Hospital in Hays — offer acute/inpatient and residential psychiatric treatment. KVC uses innovative, evidence-based treatment approaches to ensure each child’s safety and wellbeing. In addition to providing psychiatric services to children, KVC Hospitals provides consulting to organizations on trauma-informed care and other important topics. The organization is accredited by The Joint Commission and part of KVC Health Systems. Learn more at

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