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Staff at KVC Prairie Ridge Promote Men’s Health This ‘Movember’

Men's Health Movember at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital
*Photo L to R: Derrick Hurst and Eric Marley 

Men today are facing big health issues and are dying too young because these issues aren’t being talked about. The month of November has been coined Movember by a charity group taking action to tackle men’s health on a global scale. The Movember Foundation began the Movember movement to promote discussion around men’s health. We can reduce the number of men dying too young by talking about health together, exercising more and sharing information. In addition, men are also challenged to grow a mustache during the entire month of November as a visual symbol of the movement.

Five years ago, Derrick Hurst, Director of Hospital Services at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital, participated in Movember for the first time. Since then, he has encouraged his colleagues to participate with him and he successfully recruited Eric Marley, Hospital Admissions Coordinator at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital, to participate this year. We sat down with the two of them and got to the root of their desire to participate.

Q: What does Movember mean to you?

Hurst: “Movember means starting conversations to talk about issues that often we as men aren’t comfortable talking about. It’s also an excuse to grow an incredible mustache.”

Marley: “Movember is a fun way to raise awareness about men’s health; especially mental health which is an issue that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention. I think this is a great way to really get a conversation started about a very important issue.”

Q: Why do you participate in Movember?

Hurst: “I participate in honor of my dad who we lost when I was a young adult due to heart issues from a less than healthy lifestyle. Movember’s slogan is stop men dying too young. By participating, I hope to raise awareness for men’s health while also motivating myself to take notice of my own mental and physical health so that my children may avoid the experiences of loss that I had in my life.”

Q: What are the ways in which you are participating?

Hurst: “I am raising funds and pushing myself to be more physically active. I’m striving to complete at least 30 different “moves” this month. I’m currently at 12 and the best new activity I’ve started is taking walks with my oldest daughter. I get to spend some quality time learning about her day while practicing a healthy lifestyle choice with her.”

Marley: “I am logging my activity on the Movember website and trying to exercise more whenever I can. I am spreading the word by letting people know why I am growing my mustache whenever it is mentioned.”

Everyone, regardless of age or gender, can participate in the Movember movement and bring awareness to the health issues facing many men today. Learn more information by visiting the Movember Foundation website.

KVC Hospitals strives to promote healthy living for all members in the community. We encourage healthy lifestyle choices for all of the children, youth and adults we serve, as well as our employees.

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