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Camber Children's Mental Health

KVC Partners for Resiliency Rally Community Event

Resilient KC Resiliency Rally

In order for our community to be healthy, we must ensure that the children, teens and adults in our area have healthy brains and resilience. Many members of our community have experienced adversity and trauma such as abuse, neglect or other family challenges. Trauma interrupts brain development and left unaddressed, it can lead to negative health outcomes and disruptive behavior. Resilience is what allows us to cope with stress, adapt to difficult situations and overcome struggles. Often, it is thought of as a trait that someone is born with, however this is not the case. Resilience is built. Having resilience can lead to a positive self-image, good communication skills and healthy relationships.

KVC hopes to educate our community about the link between adversity and resilience in order to promote better wellbeing and a stable community. KVC leaders including James Roberson, Vice President of Program Services of KVC Hospitals, are involved in the group Resilient KC which shares trauma-aware and resilient education community-wide.

On Saturday, May 13, KVC is proud to sponsor Resilient KC’s Resiliency Rally taking place from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Arrowhead Stadium. This free community rally will showcase resilience resources to explore how children and adults can bounce back when faced with stress or pressure. The event includes free food, transportation and guest appearances from KC Wolf, Captain Encouragement and Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.

KVC has partnered with Resilient KC and other community organizations to help people build healthy lives in the Kansas City Community. The initiative offers community events and education aimed to raised awareness of how trauma impacts health in later life, collect data within the Kansas City area to understand our community’s experiences and to build a resilient community.

Click to learn more about the Resiliency RallyResilient KC or KVC’s work to ensure each child has the opportunity to develop a healthy brain.