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Camber Children's Mental Health

KVC Hospitals Wichita Opens, Expanding Access to Children’s Mental Health Services in Kansas

UPDATE: In August 2022, we announced a major change at KVC Hospitals. We have rebranded and changed our name to Camber Children’s Mental Health. Throughout this blog and the video included, our former name is used as that was the name at the time of this hospital opening.

While our name has changed, our commitment to children and families remains strong as ever and we are continuing to provide critical, lifesaving mental health services in Wichita, Kansas City and Hays. Check out our new website at to learn more about our services and how we can support a child in your care.

KVC Hospitals (now Camber Children’s Mental Health) has opened a new children’s psychiatric treatment center in Wichita, KS to provide more access to mental health services for children and families in Sedgwick County and surrounding communities. Watch this video from the KVC Hospitals Wichita ribbon-cutting celebration:

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Identifying a Gap in Mental Health Services

KVC Hospitals Wichita, Front Lobby

Over the past year, more than 800 children referred to KVC Hospitals were from Sedgwick County and surrounding areas because there was a lack of treatment options closer to home. This means hundreds of families drove three or more hours to receive emergency psychiatric treatment for their child during one of the most challenging days of their lives. After enduring that trip, many of those parents then had to leave and drive back home to their community to be at their full-time job, care for other children, and maintain other day-to-day responsibilities. Adding to this difficult situation, over the last couple of years, KVC has had to decline admission to thousands of youth who have been referred to our facilities due to limited capacity.

We recognized the need for more mental health services in Kansas and determined we could serve the most Kansas children by adding a facility in Wichita.

“There was an unacceptable gap in care that KVC could not stand by. We set out to be the solution because it was the right thing to do for these kids and their families who had nowhere else to turn.”

Ryan Speier, President of KVC Hospitals

Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment in Wichita, KS

KVC Hospitals Wichita, Orange Unit

KVC Hospitals Wichita (now Camber Wichita) provides acute psychiatric treatment to youth ages 6 to 18 who are experiencing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, childhood trauma, and other behavioral and mental health needs. We use neuroscience-based treatment resources regarding how stress and trauma impact brain development and translate this science into innovative, hands-on tools that guide successful treatment outcomes. Our goal is for each child to safely return home with the resources and supports in place to live a healthy and happy life in their community.

“Children and families deserve a treatment experience that’s nurturing and therapeutic in their moment of highest need. We’re here to support the city of Wichita in meeting that demand.”

Juston White, Executive Director of KVC Hospitals Wichita

Our new treatment center is located at 1507 W 21st St N, Wichita, KS 67203. To contact the Admissions & Referrals team, you can call (913) 890-7468.

Thanks to You, Our Donors

It took many individual and organizational partners to bring our vision to reality. We want to thank the generous donors who helped us cross the $7.4 million mark with our HOPE LIVES campaign and open our doors to bring these critical, life-saving services to Wichita.