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Camber Children's Mental Health

A Year in Review: Camber Children’s Mental Health Makes a Positive Impact for Kansas Children in 2022

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The dedication of our professional team, volunteers, donors and community support shines through in Camber Children’s Mental Health’s 2022 impact report. We are proud of our growth throughout the past year and are ready to continue impacting the communities we serve in 2023 and beyond. Here’s a snapshot of the impact our team had on children and families over the course of 2022.

As we move forward into 2023, we’re proud to share this summary of our impact, highlighting the goals and services of Camber, and how our organization has positively supported our communities this past year. Read on to learn how you can join us to make an even more significant difference in years to come.  

Camber in the Community

When families go through tough times, we are here to help. When challenges arise, both children and adults need to know they are not alone and should not be afraid to ask for help. This is where Camber brings significant value to their lives. 

Camber is a non-profit organization focused on strengthening families by enhancing their ability to access a wide variety of mental health services like educational support, evidence-based therapies, outpatient treatments, strengthening and prevention programs and connection to community resources. Our organization values help families overcome challenges and build connections to improve their health and safety — because we all need connection.

Camber Hays

Camber is Making a Difference

We bring more than 30 years of experience working with children and continue to develop innovative approaches to help children live a more balanced and healthy life. Explore some of the ways in which Camber provides children and adults with the valuable services they most need: 


As an organization, there is an overarching goal to create a connection — a connection through belonging, to family and to the communities we serve. One major way we provide connection is by helping families stay together while connecting each family’s specific needs to community resources. Camber also offers Expressive Therapies, Inpatient and Residential Outpatient Therapies, Family Strengthening and Prevention Programs, designed to proactively keep families together. 

Family Strengthening and Prevention Programs

When it comes to Camber’s goals, this is a huge piece of the pie. As mentioned above, these programs are a way to connect families to resources to create a safe and healthy environment for all family members.  

It’s easy for families to become overwhelmed, especially during tough times, and it can be hard to ask for assistance. Camber offers a variety of classes, therapies, groups and programs to ensure families can find help when they need it most. The goal is to create a path toward healing with crisis management, in-home therapy and skill-building.

Residential Mental Health Treatment

A dedicated effort is made on behalf of our children and families to continuously provide support and keep a healthy and strong environment. By offering specialized in-home treatments from our trained mental health specialists, children and adults have access to evidence-based therapy models that help with emotional regulation, coping skills and include opportunities to practice these new skills in a variety of innovative ways.

For more information on these services, please contact us at (913) 890-7468.

Camber Education and Inspiration

With our wide array of resources, Camber prides itself on our ability to provide educational and inspirational training and webinars to our community. We know that finding reliable information about mental health can be difficult, and it’s our goal to provide families with as many resources as possible to stabilize and maintain a healthy environment. With our varied trainings and webinars, information like mental health tips, common mental disorders and suicide prevention are at your fingertips. 

Making connections

Camber’s 2022 Impact 

Currently, Camber works to create a meaningful change in 96 of the 105 counties in Kansas, and our impact continues to grow. Take a look at a few ways Camber impacted Kansas communities in 2022:

  • 16,950 Expressive Therapy sessions provided
  • 12,339 Individual Therapy sessions
  • 3,811 New Admissions

These numbers reflect just a small part of the beneficial work Camber provided for children and families across Kansas. In February, we opened the doors to a new Children’s Mental Health Hospital in Hays, Kansas. This new facility will allow us to serve an additional 600 children in 2023. Discover more about Camber in the full 2022 Impact Report

A Bright Future for Camber

The numbers speak for themselves, but this organization is constantly reaching higher. After making a positive impact in 2022, Camber believes in a brighter future with an even greater impact on children and families. 

2023 brings opportunities to move closer toward the goals Camber is set on achieving. These goals include further strengthening families by connecting them with community resources and improving the wellbeing of children, while also aiming to prevent suicide within the communities we serve. 

Community connections

Join Forces and Create an Impact of Your Own

As strong change-makers, Camber relies on the positivity and passion of our professional team members, along with the generosity of all our supporters. Because of these driven individuals, Camber can offer uplifting support and meaningful impact for our children, families and communities overall. 

Camber would like to invite you to be a change-maker of your own and join forces with us to inspire and impact your community! Here are a few examples of how you can make a difference and contribute: 

  • Advocate through Social Media. Since Camber is all about connection, social media is a perfect place to connect with others to share the challenges your community faces, celebrate the successes of children and families and bring awareness and resources to those who may benefit from them. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date and spread the word. 
  • Join the Camber team! We are continually growing and looking for inspiring individuals with a passion for helping others. Camber offers a culture of passionate professionals, rewarding work and benefits! Take a look at our careers page to see what positions we are actively trying to fill.  
  • Volunteer. If you’re not looking for a career change but would still enjoy the uplifting feeling of making a difference, consider volunteering with us! Volunteers are welcome at Camber, and as a volunteer, you will be a catalyst for change through your help with programs, community events and a variety of other experiences. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities
  • Become a Donor. Donations ensure the children and families we serve have access to our life-changing services. As an organization that utilizes 90% of operating expenses towards our programs, we are conscious of our donations and value your generosity. Camber provides a variety of options to give back, including: 
  • One-Time Donations
  • Monthly Giving
  • Planned Giving
  • Sponsorships and Fundraising
  • In Honor or Memorial Giving
  • In-Kind Giving

Learn more about donating to Camber, and give a gift today!

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