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Camber Children's Mental Health

Recognizing Our September Employees of the Month

Each month, KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital and KVC Wheatland Hospital recognize employees who go above and beyond to ensure the safety and care of our clients.  In September, we are happy to recognize 5 employees from KVC Hospitals who have earned this recognition. KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital

Latoya Robinson – Counselor

Latoya eom

Latoya has worked for KVC for 4 years, and this is the second time she has been selected as Employee of the Month. While she enjoys working at Kiely House with the pre-adolescent Psychiatric Residential Treatment clients the most, she also spends her time where she is needed working with other clients as well. Throughout the years, Latoya’s work ethic has earned her greater responsibility. Latoya has spent time filling in as campus supervisor when needed, always ensuring that Prairie Ridge is running smoothly.

Tanise Smith – Counselor



Tanise has worked for KVC for 3 years. She started working as a counselor with the hospital clients; however she has never hesitated to move to other areas of Prairie Ridge to help out where she is needed.  Ms. Tanise ensures the safety of our clients with the quality of care she provides every day. Congratulations to LaToya and Tanise, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital!


KVC Wheatland Hospital

Stephanie Cross – Counselor


Ms. Stephanie is upbeat, positive and energetic. Her creativeness shines through when she is on the floor running groups. She builds positive relationships with the children and is a great leader on the floor! Ms. Stephanie has been with KVC Wheatland for 9 months.

Thomas Plush – Behavioral Healthcare Technician ThomasWheatlandEOM

Mr. Thomas is the definition of hardworking and team player. Mr. Thomas is always willing to work extra shifts, and help out whenever he can and go that extra mile. He is positive with the children and just makes everyone want to do better! He has been with KVC Wheatland for 8 months.

Samantha Walle – Behavioral Healthcare Technician SamanthaWheatlandEOM

Ms. Samantha is the sunshine of KVC Wheatland. She is always smiling and upbeat. Her positive, upbeat attitude is just what the children and staff need at KVC Wheatland! She is a great team player and always willing to help out when needed!  She has been at KVC Wheatland for 7 months. Congratulations to Stephanie, Thomas, and Samantha, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to KVC Wheatland Hospital!