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KVC Wheatland Hospital Honors Staff at 3rd Annual Wheaties Awards

KVC Wheatland Hospital celebrated staff accomplishments at their 3rd Annual Wheaties Awards on Saturday, January 17 in Hays, Kan. The Wheaties Awards started in 2013 as a way to recognize hard work and dedication among staff members. Having passionate, committed staff helps us achieve our mission to enrich and enhance the quality of life of individuals, families and communities by providing comprehensive trauma-informed behavioral healthcare, education and medical services.

Every year, a committee meets and selects the award categories.  Wheatland staff members then vote on the winners. “It’s really fun and it gives us the opportunity to thank our staff and tell them how much we appreciate their work,” said Audrey Lindenmeyer, Associate Director at KVC Wheatland Hospital.



The event was held at the Rose Garden Banquet Hall, where staff and their families enjoyed a dinner and ceremony. They even recreated the famous Ellen DeGeneres selfie from the 2014 Oscars (see picture below).



The winners for the 2015 Wheaties are: 

  • Hammer & Feather – Presented to Michael Hinton & Audrey Lindenmeyer – These two awards represent the tougher side to being an administrator as well as the gentle approach needed when working with people.
  • The Horton Award – Stephanie Cross – This award represents someone who shows an extreme amount of care for our clients.
  • The Comedian Award – Jordan Hamel – Presented for having a great sense of humor and being able to put a smile on the faces of coworkers and clients.
  • The MacGyver Award – Sam Philbern – Presented for exhibiting the ability to help solve problems both big and small.
  • The X-Men Award – Marlayna Schoenberger – Presented for excellence in teamwork. This person is always ready to help others.
  • Green Thumb – Brenda Orr – Presented to show that even a caring nurse can struggle with keeping plants alive. Brenda shows us that people really do matter, but plants… not so much.
  • The Dori Award – Ryan Prosser – Presented for showing extreme optimism. This person follows the motto of a certain animated fish; they help others to just keep swimming.
  • The Mona Lisa Award – Cecily Miller – Presented for having a contagious smile that helps brighten your day.
  • The Houdini Award – Nick Schmelzle – Presented for being able to escape any situation. Nick is a magician at helping clients regulate their emotions to avoid further escalation.
  • Master Patcher & Super Sweeper – Tom Montgomery and Jeanette Snyder – Presented to the people that help make our units sparkle. These two are always upbeat and happy even when patching holes or cleaning up dirt.
  • The Daredevil Award – Shelby Berry – Presented for someone who does their own stunts and is able to make the tough decisions.
  • The 10/4 Award – Anthony Casian – Presented for always having to be reminded to leave his radio behind when going home. The 10/4 highlights our own “radio thief.”
  • The Baby’s Bottom Award – Tyler Terry – Presented for being able to stay cool, calm and collected in any situation.
  • The Caffeine Craver Award – William Carr – Presented to the person who drinks the great amount of caffeine.

Thank you to the amazing staff of KVC Wheatland Hospital, and even more importantly, to the children, adolescents and families we have the privilege of serving each year.