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New Parenting Resource Helps Develop Soft Skills in Youth

soft skills in youth

In addition to technical skills, the demand for adults to have soft skills in the workplace is increasing as human interaction and interpersonal skills are needed. Soft skills are typically developed during childhood and include self-control, communication, critical thinking and social skills.

Employers and organizations are looking for candidates who have both the skills to do the job and a strong character. When considering candidates, they seek professionals with a strong work ethic, positive attitude and a desire to be a team player. A 2015 LinkedIn survey of 291 hiring managers, 59% of them reported that it was hard to find a candidate with soft skills.

soft skills in youth

A recent partnership between KVC Hospitals, the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service has led to the publishing of an 8-page parenting lesson plan called Soft Skills Are Success Skills. This new resource helps explain the concept of soft skills and how to develop these skills within children and teens. James Roberson, Vice President of Program Services for KVC Hospitals, helped K-State develop the content of this lesson plan which breaks down five social-emotional skills deemed necessary for youth to develop. These include self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making and relationship skills.

soft skills in youth

The lesson plan also breaks down specifically how adults can help develop these skills with youth using Yale University’s RULER acronym:

  • Recognizing emotions in self & others
  • Understanding the causes & consequences of emotions
  • Labeling emotions accurately
  • Expressing emotions appropriately
  • Regulating emotions effectively
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Soft Skills are Success Skills: Lesson Plan

The full lesson plan contains five activities, interactive exercises and an evaluation to help parents develop these essential soft skills in their children. Learn more about the importance of soft skills and download the lesson plan for free! For more parenting tips, check out our 12-part parenting skills blog.