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Camber Children's Mental Health

Camber’s Life-Changing Work Environment: Cultivate Purpose, Belonging and Opportunity

No one can share the details of working at Camber Children’s Mental Health quite like our team members themselves! Our talented employees share why they believe Camber is a wonderful place to work and the personal fulfillment that comes with supporting children through compassionate, collaborative care, all focused on connection. 

In our over 30-year history, we have completed more than 37,000 admissions of children and teens who are experiencing some very scary and difficult days as they struggle to overcome challenges with their mental health. At the heart of our work is helping people and that includes providing support, belonging, and opportunity for every family that walks through our doors and for our employees.

Read this blog to hear about the firsthand experiences our team members Brynn F., Gloria M. and Arianna S. have shared as they help people through their work at our regional network of children’s mental health treatment centers.

A Life-Changing Experience

Brynn F. Exec. Director of Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Services

Brynn F., Executive Director, KC

Joining the team at Camber was a big life change for Brynn. She moved from out of state to start her career with Camber and is thrilled that she took the leap.

“I knew Camber provided me the opportunity to be part of something special,” Brynn shares. “Little did I know that opportunity would lead to more than I could have ever imagined.”

After Gloria joined Camber as a case worker for psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF) services, health issues added a layer of challenge to her career. She took time off after a tonsillitis diagnosis, but “I had a nagging feeling that there was something more,” Gloria says. “I finally made an appointment with an ENT and a few days later I found out that I had throat cancer.”

Gloria M. case worker

Gloria M., Case Worker, Hays

Coming up against such a health challenge while being new to a job may lead to uncertainty and anxiety, but not at Camber. “I took a leave of absence,” Gloria relates, “and thanks to Camber’s amazing insurance coverage, I was able to collect disability insurance while I was going through treatment.” Here, work-life balance is a priority, and wellness is encouraged among our Camber team, with access to robust benefits.

Growth and Opportunity

To encourage professional growth, we often promote from within – allowing team members to achieve their career goals. Camber offers a tuition reimbursement benefit, encouraging employees to continue their education with less worry about how to pay for it. We also provide frequent training opportunities to help our nurses, social workers, therapists, and other team members improve their professional skills, receive continuing education credits and cultivate dedication to continuous learning. 

“I have held various roles and had different employment opportunities throughout my professional career, but none of them have brought or promised the sense of security, confidence or growth that Camber has.” — Brynn F.

A Community-Oriented Culture

Arianna S. charge nurse

Arianna S., Charge Nurse, Wichita

Anyone working in the mental health field can attest that each day has its highs and lows. But working in a supportive environment can make even the most challenging days more joyful. “As a charge nurse, I feel supported by my coworkers who always make the hard days better,” Arianna says. “Our SSRs, nurses, team supervisors, and BHTs come to work every day giving 100% to our clients, no matter what is thrown their way.” 

Gloria’s diagnosis gave way to a grueling treatment. “By the time it was over, I was sleeping 20 hours a day,” Gloria remembers. “I was barely able to climb the four steps into our house.” After four months of working through this challenge and regaining strength, Gloria wondered if she still had a job when she was ready to return to work. 

“I wasn’t covered under FMLA because of my length of service, and there was no reason they would need to,” Gloria says. “But when I called to talk about returning, they welcomed me with open arms. When I returned to work, it felt like I was returning to family. I honestly don’t think I would have survived the ordeal if it hadn’t been for the security I got from Camber.” 

A Sense of Purpose and Belonging


Enjoying a fun employee appreciation event at Chicken N Pickle

For Brynn, Camber’s dedication to building an atmosphere of support, trust and belonging is evident. “Over the past five years, I have been surrounded by people that are committed to the values of Camber and the work that we do,” Brynn says.

Brynn is also co-chair of Camber’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) council which meets regularly to discuss urgent and strategic needs and initiatives to ensure our commitment to DEIB efforts stays a top priority and that we are practicing innovative thinking and collaboration. Camber is focused on honoring individuality, uniting team members, and empowering clients to provide the best quality of services.

One of our organizational values is, “Diverse perspectives are key to our progress.” By putting DEIB in the foreground, we are having important conversations that spark innovation and healthy change in our culture.

Gloria loves the purpose she feels as she works to support children’s mental health alongside a fantastic team. “This job is so rewarding,” she relates. “I enjoy meeting the children and seeing how they grow under the careful care of the loving staff who provide them with support and compassion.” 

A Team To Support You

What are our colleagues and leaders like at Camber? Our employees are integral in making Camber a supportive work environment. “At Camber, I have worked with leaders who have modeled integrity, grit and perseverance,” Brynn shares. “I have worked alongside coworkers who have modeled compassion, patience and respect. I am in a position now where I get to work alongside some of the best people in the field to create and lead a culture of inclusivity, respect and kindness.” 

“The amount of teamwork my team has is inspiring. Every shift, I know that my team has my back, and I always have theirs. Never have I worked at a hospital whose employees would not hesitate jumping into deep water to help clients and staff.” — Arianna S.

Through Gloria’s health challenges, Camber was there. “I have never worked for a company that cares so much,” Gloria adds, “not just for their clients, but for their employees. I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to work anywhere else.”

Find a Fulfilling Career at Camber

Wichita team members having fun while changing lives!

Team members having fun while changing lives!

Camber is a place of support, teamwork and trust. “This work is hard, and for some it’s unimaginable,” Brynn shares. “For me, it’s my calling. I have been surrounded by children and families that at their worst times and lowest points have trusted me, my colleagues, and this organization with their lives. It’s what I am here to do and it’s who I am supposed to be. Camber has given me the opportunity to find a career that is impactful, validating and inclusive. For that, I am so thankful.”

Camber can be a great workplace for you too — a place where you feel belonging among your colleagues, where leaders support you, and where the people you serve appreciate you. See what open jobs are available at Camber today.