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KVC Uses New Technology to Improve Healthcare Communication

Improving Healthcare Communications with Klara at KVC

In October 2016, KVC Health Systems announced it would integrate a healthcare messaging tool called Klara into its workflows to improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals. KVC Hospitals will be the first organization to roll out the use of the Klara Messaging App in behavioral health management.

Technology and Innovation

Klara is a HIPAA-compliant medical messaging platform that allows for patients, doctors, pharmacists, other healthcare professionals and office employees to securely discuss medical information. Advancing communications to include mobile messaging can increase productivity. Klara will save time by reaching patients in the way they want, on smartphones and tablets.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to use technology to simplify our team’s work and elevate the care we provide,” said Jason Hooper, President and CEO of KVC Health Systems. “By using Klara for secure medical messaging, we will make care more convenient, accessible and beneficial for the tens of thousands of people we serve.”

Improving Patient Communications

Improving Patient Communications with Klara and KVCThe messaging app that is for iOS and web browser will allow for a simplified workflow by creating a history of documented communication. Doctors can share results and keep in touch with patients more effectively. The app will initially be used by KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital in Kansas City, Kan. and KVC Wheatland Hospital in Hays, Kan. Both hospitals serve nearly 3,500 youth and adults each year who are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and feelings of violence. KVC anticipates expanding the use of Klara to all of its subsidiaries including KVC Nebraska, KVC West Virginia, KVC Kansas and KVC Kentucky.

About Klara Technologies, Inc. 

Klara was founded in 2013 with the vision to change the broken healthcare experience by directly connecting doctors and patients through technology. Klara’s secure and HIPAA-compliant medical messaging platform allows for providers and patient to centralize all their medical communications in one simple and secure app. Learn more at