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5 Can’t-Miss Blogs from 2016

5 Can't Miss Blogs from 2016 - KVC Hospitals

As we look forward to 2017 and a year of new beginnings, we pause to reflect on the important things that happened at KVC Hospitals and KVC Health Systems. Join us in taking a look back at the most popular blog articles from 2016 which cover a variety of important topics including suicide prevention, mental health, trauma and wellbeing.


KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital Staff Refuse to Give Up on Patients

KVC Prairie Ridge Staff Refuse to Give Up on Struggling Teen

18-year-old Jessica was struggling with aggressive and destructive behavior, low self-esteem and thoughts of self-harm and suicide. Many of the foster families that she lived with had been unable to understand how her past traumas impacted her behavior and ability to cope with life. But at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital, the staff refused to give up on her.


Mental Health Awareness with Resilient KC

Resilient KC Aims to Increase Mental Health Awareness

KVC Hospitals is actively participating in Resilient KC, an initiative of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce aimed at building healthy lives after childhood adversity.


KVC Prairie Ridge Hospitals staff shares on link between adversity and resilience at Museum at Prairiefire Science Happy HourUnderstanding the Link Between Adversity and Resilience

The interactions and experiences we have during childhood – both positive and negative – affect our physiological brain development. As well as the capacity to handle life’s challenges long into adulthood. Neuroscience research tells us that there is a link between adversity and resilience, and KVC is using this research to influence practice, policy and public decisions through its participation in the Change in Mind neuroscience initiative.


KVC Partners with Thalia House to Innovate Eating Disorder TreatmentKVC Hospitals Partners With Thalia House to Innovate Eating Disorder Treatment

KVC’s knowledge of trauma-informed care is benefitting women receiving support and treatment for eating disorders, body image disturbance, and co-occurring disorders.

5 Things Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health5 Things Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health

Experiences early in life literally shape the brain and build the foundation for all development and behavior that follows. Good mental health gives children the ability to interact in social environments, follow directions, solve problems and manage their emotions.


KVC Health Systems


What Does KVC Stand For?

Ok so this blog was published before 2016, but it is certainly a can’t miss post! If you have ever wondered what ‘KVC’ stands for, you’re not alone; it’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get. Answering this question gives us a chance to tell you both about our history and our future… where we’ve been, and where we’re going.


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