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Singapore Learns About Trauma-Informed Care from KVC Hospitals

Singapore Delegation

KVC partners to work with Singapore on trauma-informed care and how to treat children affected by trauma.

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Nurse Builds Trust With Young Boy to Help Him Heal

treating trauma

After experiencing abuse, Jonathan needed medical care. What he found went beyond just excellent medical attention, he was able to trust again and stop blaming himself.

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Teen Displaced by War Receives Treatment for PTSD

post-traumatic stress disorder

Ivan had seen some traumatic things during wartime in Ukraine. When he immigrated to the US, he needed some help processing what he had seen and KVC was there to help.

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KVC Hospitals Partners With Thalia House to Innovate Eating Disorder Treatment

KVC Partners with Thalia House to Innovate Eating Disorder Treatment

Knowledge of trauma-informed care will benefit women receiving support and treatment for eating disorders, body image disturbance, and co-occurring disorders.

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First Trauma-Informed City Emerges in Florida

Tarpon Springs, Fla. is the first city in the country to declare itself a trauma-informed community.

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